Thanks for reading the article! The note about the Internet being a “basic human right” was a tongue-in-cheek way of starting the article. Please don’t take it too seriously. Obviously just because something is a human right doesn’t mean that there aren’t real jobs and infrastructure being supported by provided that product or service.

What you’re implying — that this technique might be illegal in some cases — is absolutely true. But I wouldn’t say that for every situation, for example circumventing your parent’s Internet controls, or switching from one computer to another on a connection you’ve already paid for. I’ve added a brief paragraph to clarify this point:

Note that MAC address spoofing may be interpreted as an illegal activity depending on why you do it. In some cases it is certainly not illegal: recent mobile operating systems like iOS 8+ and Android 6+ automatically randomize their MAC address when searching for wireless networks to avoid being tracked. But when Aaron Swartz liberated JSTOR, MAC address spoofing was claimed as a signal of intention to commit a crime.

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